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What are Digihats?

Digihats are a collection of 8888, 88x88 pixel, computer-generated numbers, each with their own uniqueness; no two can be alike. Every Digihat has a combination of the color of the numbers, backgrounds, items, hats, and special items. Besides the randomly generated Digihats, there are special number Digihats that have been hand drawn, each telling their own story. We are also the first cross chain NFT project; BSC ETH!

How can I get a Digihat?

Unless all 8888 Digihats have been minted, anyone with Binance Smart Chain wallet will be able to mint one of them from our website.

You can also purchase them off a third-party marketplace such as Babylons.

How much do Digihats cost?

Initially Digihats will cost 0.11 BNB to mint. Once 1111 Digihats have been sold, the price will increase to 0.22. Once 2222 Digihats have been sold, the price will increase again to 0.44. Then, after 4444 Digihats have been sold, the price to mint a Digihat will be 0.88 BNB until all 8888 Digihats have been sold.

Where can I sell my Digihat?

You can currently sell BSC Digihats on the Babylons marketplace.

What happens if I mint Digihat just before the end of a price tier?

If you mint more than one Digihat near the end of price tier, there's a chance of price slip, don’t lose your hat! For example, say the current supply is 1110 (1 left before the price changes from 0.11 to 0.22), if you mint 10 Digihats at this point, you would be able to get all of them for the old price, 0.11 BNB. This mechanism helps avoid reverted transactions.

What makes a Digihat rare?

This is the fun part! When the team was generating the Digihats they assigned independent probabilities to each property in a Digihat. This means the colour of the number, the background, the hat the number is wearing, and the items that appear in the Digihat all are independent of each other.

The real rarity of the Digihats lies in the numbers. Numbers all mean something different to each individual. For example, someone who is interested in memes might admire the number 69, or the number 420. But to other people, the year 1973 is important. Maybe that's the year of their birthday, or maybe they're Pink Floyd fans and know that was the year Dark Side of the Moon came out.

Where can I see the Digihats I own?

You can see the Digihats that you own here. If you connect a wallet, you will see all the Digihats you own.
If you want to learn more about the distribution of the Digihats, read our medium article.

How can I send Digihats to another Binance Smart Chain address?

You are able to send your Digihats to another Binance Smart Chain address through our My Wallet page. You first need to connect a wallet. Once you have done this, enter the Binance Smart Chain address you would like to send to and the tokenId that you are sending to.

If I have a problem, who can I contact?

If you encounter a problem while you are using our website, you can send us an email by clicking the contact us button along the bottom banner. You can also join our Discord or Telegram and ask one of our Moderators for assistance. We will reply as fast as we can!