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What is Digihats?

Digihats is the first original NFT project hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. The team has seen the astonishing success of projects like Crypto Punks and Hashmasks that have been hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Digihats has been heavily inspired by both of these projects, incorporating the computer-generated pixel art from Crypto Punks, and the depth and layers that Hashmasks incorporated in their project.

The Digihats are a unique collection of 8888, 88x88 pixel, computer-generated numbers, each with their own uniqueness; no two can be alike, and each one can only officially be owned by a single person on the Binance Smart Chain. Every Digihat has a unique combination of the color of the numbers, backgrounds, items, hats, and special items. Besides the randomly generated Digihats, there are special number Digihats that have been hand drawn. There are 8888 unique Digihats to collect!

image of a digihat

Some examples of computer-generated Digihats

image of a digihat

Some examples of hand-drawn special number Digihats

Until all 8888 Digihats have been minted, anyone with a Binance Smart Chain wallet will be able to mint one of them from our website. Once all the 8888 Digihats have been minted, you will have to purchase them off the marketplace to get your hands on one. Via the marketplace, you will be able to buy, bid on, and host auctions for the Digihats.